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How to make beeswax wraps

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Beeswax wraps are quickly becoming a popular, sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. You can find them in farmers markets, fruit & vegetable shops and even supermarkets. However, the price tag to choose a sustainable beeswax wrap solution can be quite hefty. If you think about how much plastic wrap you usually consume to cover sandwiches, used fruit or vegetables, cover bowls and leftover dinner plates, you'll want a fair few food wraps.

If you are looking to make the switch, but don't want to spend a lot of money, you can easily make your own. If you take a little time on a sunday afternoon, whilst watching a film or listening to music you'll have a bundle in no time!

To make your own beeswax wraps you will need:

  • Beeswax block (you can buy this online, or from a local honey shop)

  • Material for your wrap, like a thin tea towel (I used an old breathable cotton one. You do not want thick material)

  • An old cloth (for ironing over)

  • Scissors

  • Grater

  • Iron & ironing board

  • Baking paper x2 sheets

Step 1

Cut your material into the size of the wrap you would like and then your 2 sheets of baking paper a little larger than your material.

Step 2

Lay one sheet of baking paper down, then place your material on top. Now you can start grating your beeswax on top. Leave some leftover wax just in case you need some extra at the end. This will take some time, but just keep going until you have covered the whole sheet.

Step 3

Place your second sheet of baking paper over your wax sprinkled material and cover with your old cloth. Now you can start ironing your wax until it has all melted.

Step 4

Once the wax has melted uncover the cloth and see if there are any gaps. If so, sprinkle a little more grated wax into those spots and iron a bit more. Once it is even, remove the wax from between the baking paper and leave it to dry on the washing line. It will dry pretty quickly so you will have a new food wrap in no time!

Beeswax wraps should last for years! We stayed with a lovely ladies guesthouse last year, who first introduced us to these great kitchen essentials. She told us hers have lasted years and years. That means we'll never have to buy any other wraps for a long time!

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