Why I am a minimalist...

There is no one rule fits all or one way our lives should be lived by becoming a minimalist. However knowing why you to want become a minimalist is very important. It's great if you can declutter your home and stop impluse shopping (if you want to), but knowing why you want to live with less will drive your minimalism purpose.

I wanted out of the rat race, living the set dream we're told will make us happy, comparing myself to people I didn't even like and most of all out of debt from buying things I never used. By shedding unecessary things and the beliefs that wern't mine, I could happily ease into a minimalist life without regret. 


The aim in my life will be different to other minimalists. My aim (along with my husand) is to become financially independent at some point in my 40's. That means living a life with less now. Spending money on what is essential and living within my means, will help towards saving more and living my retirement dream earlier in life. 

What is your why for becoming a minimalist? 


We choose to live in a small home; the rent is low, we have space for only fewer things and we have less to clean


Purchasing items I want to last longer has educated me in living more sustainably, buying ethically made goods and creating less waste


All of the above means we have no debt in our lives and have more money to save for the future or spend on what we enjoy


I have around 50 items of clothes for both hot and cold seasons. I buy secondhand, wear things over & over and don't believe in fast fashion trends


All those years I spent my time shopping to bring happiness, is time now spent hiking, doing DIY and travelling


We save 60% of our income into a stocks and shares account which invests our money for high returns. We hope this will help us retire in our 40's