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It's mid 2016 and I've just moved into a shared house with my husband Sam (then boyfriend) in a bid to save money towards a travel fund. I arrive home from work most days exhausted and anxious. I worry about pressure at work, tension with family & friends, health and most of all, money. I know I should be saving for our trip but I just can't help online shop or buy a bottle of wine on a Monday because I feel sad and overwhelmed. I think it will make me feel better and satisfied.

In the midst of our hectic limbo period, one cold rainy Saturday we decided to stay indoors all day and have a Netflix binge - this was something new to us at the time! We decided on a documentary called 'The Minimalists' and almost everything resonated with us. We were hooked on this lifestyle of living intentionally and having less; ridding of the desire to want more or keep up with the Jones's. It might sound dramatic but I honestly had a lightbulb moment, I felt like a weight had been lifted and I could (eventually) rid of all the unecessary stresses in my life. 

Fast forward to today, February 2020 and I live my life in a completely different manner. Sam and I travelled the world for 2 years, we now live 5 minutes from the beach in Auckland, New Zealand, we save 60% of our income and I have zero stresses related to work, money or family & friends. Most importantly, I am healthy physically and mentally! People in my life are the same and work life balance is similar-ish to the UK, but I put my less stressful life down to living more intentionally, something I learnt from the minimalist documentary.  

Do you think budget living  means having less fun and denying yourself of so much?

When becoming a minimalist I had more time to spend on things I didn't realise I enjoyed or found something new I loved. Scroll ahead to see what I do for fun that doesn't cost a lot...

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